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The Cavalli Serpentine will hold sway over your sense of smell, much

like the snake-charmer over a snake. This Roberto Cavalli perfume is a

giddy mixture of enthralling scents, starting off with flowery top

notes of Mandarin Orange, Mango Blossom, and Artemisia. The pungent and

spicy heart notes follow, with Tahitian Tiare, Violet, Frangipani, and

Black Pepper, leaving people around you gasping for more of this ladies

eau de cologne. Deep and woody Tolu Balm, Sandalwood, and Amber finish

off as the base notes of this Roberto Cavalli perfume. This potent

ladies eau de cologne is bottled and packaged for you in an equally

sensuous and elegant bottle. You will soon get used to men swooning

when you pass by; it is the Cavalli Serpentine doing its magic.

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Parallel Import
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  • 1x Roberto Cavalli Serpentine Eau De Parfum (100ml)
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